Hynet is a company set up to render quality services in the areas of Information Technology, Software development, System Engineering, Website Design, Development, Cyber Security,  surveillance, General Video/Photo edit and more.

This outfit is made up of a team of highly resourceful minds with outstanding results in communication solutions, which you will find ideal on day-to-day marketing. We provide you with useful and resourceful tool


At HyNet Solutions we provide solutions in development of all kind of standalone desktop software which could ease the stress of managing your organization. We develop institutions software, restaurant software, accounting software and kinds of business relating software . You may also choose to explain the content of your business to our development team and They will be ready to provide quick solutions to ease the management of your kind of business.

Networking is done easily with hynet solutions. Our company specializes in Local, Wide and Metropolitan area Proper Networking. We envisage you patronize us when it comes to linking your computers, Mobile and other kinds of Electronic gadgets together. File sharing becomes easy, Digital Examinations becomes a success  and lot more regarding Network and its form of communication.

Do you need a system Engineer Urgently? Do you require the service of a computer engineer monthly. How do you want it.. We provide engineering service in all areas. Desktop engineering, Laptop, Mobile and Television and other electronic gadget. Our engineering department guarantees you on all job done.